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Intolerance to Uncertainty and Anxiety During the Pandemic

Uncertainty is a part of life, but in times like these, it can become overwhelming. While in daily life routine, many things seem to be out of control, but a pandemic can enhance the feeling of hopelessness. When you are alone, unable to go out of the house, do your regular activities, and don’t even know when this pandemic will end, it can all make you stressed and anxious.

While uncertainty is all around us in everyday life, it has taken a severe form these days. The current Covid-19 situation has heightened the level of uncertainty when it comes to employment, finances, plans, relationships, mental, and physical health. We, as human beings, want security for everything that matters in our life, but unfortunately, that is impossible.

This pandemic is affecting different people in different ways. We all have a different tolerance level when it comes to anxiety in life. Anxiety and uncertainty are part of our regular lives, but for some people, it is very hard to realize that they don’t know what comes in the future. Some of us are challenging and are good at taking risks while some are afraid of everything new that comes in life. Not all of us are always ready for the worst scenarios of life, and this is the most difficult time for those.

Learning to Cope with Intolerance and Anxiety in this Pandemic

Where it might seem hopeless right now to feel good or move towards betterment in this pandemic, still there are a few things that can be followed to take care of yourself. Though you might have become used to feeling anxious and stressed all the time now, just realize it for a moment how badly it is affecting your mental and physical health. You might not be certain about your job or finances after this pandemic is over, but you must do what is in your hands. Your physical and mental health matters a lot, and it will be a luxury to you when this pandemic is over.

So, let’s take a look at a few things that you can do to make sure you are dealing with this uncertainty and anxiety at your best.

1. Deal with The Things That Are Still in Your Control

Rather than worrying about the things that have gotten out of control, you must think about the things that are still in your control and how can you deal with them. Of course, you cannot control the spread of the virus, the unemployment rate, recovery of the economic loss, and further things that are completely out of hand right now. But, you can focus your mind on the things that are within your control.

For instance, if you are worried that you might become the victim of this pandemic, you can take the necessary precautionary measure to make sure you are safe and healthy rather than just sitting idle and worrying. Moreover, you cannot control the pandemic, but you can control the emotions that are being induced during the pandemic. If you are feeling extra aggressive and impatient these days, try to calm yourself down whenever you are about to have a wave of anger. Understand that everyone is going through this and you can take care of yourself by doing little things.

2. Accept the present

Though it is not easy to accept that the pandemic has gone this far, but it wise to accept and live in the present. The more time you take to accept the present, the more stressful it will become for you. Know that this is the truth now, and plan about what should be done next. When you accept the truth, you are halfway towards a better life. Neglecting the truth and dragging on the negativities will only hurt you mentally and physically.

To calm yourself in the present moment, you can follow the mindfulness techniques, do a bit of yoga daily, exercise, and meditate to feel good. Bringing a bit of change in your lifestyle will not only help you focus on the present, but also keep you hopeful for a better future.

3. Seek help

When the uncertainty is killing you inside, ask others about how they feel and what would they say about this situation. There are social support groups that are solely made for the well-being of people by sharing each other’s thoughts and emotions. When you come to realize that everyone is facing a similar situation and that you are not alone, you will a lot better. Stressing over the situation alone and not seeking any help will only make the situation worse.

Call your friends and family member, discuss with them how you feel. You can have a family meeting once a week as well if you are living with your family. Knowing other’s pain and what they are going through can make you feel a lot better about yourself too. If you get a chance, move forward towards helping others as well as it can bring so much positivity to you.

4. Do more, watch less

Yes, you read it right. The more you cling on to your TV and social media accounts, watching horrible news every day, the more you will move towards depression. You don’t have to know how people are getting affected and dying due to pandemic all the time. Just watching the news one time a day is fine as you must keep yourself up to date regarding the current situation. But, watching it, again and again, will only lead to despair and hopelessness. Consider a digital detox and put your mobile phone or laptop down for a bit.

Your mental and physical health is your responsibility and you must take care of it. You need to be a better and positive person when all of this is over. Only those who have maintained good physical and mental health will prosper in the future. Know that uncertainty is a part of everyday life and it must be dealt with courage and hope. Your good mental health will make you a better person for not only the present but the future as well.

If you are struggling with an intolerance to uncertainty, I can help. I am accepting new clients.

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