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Emotional Resilience

How do you handle yourself after having a stressful day? Do you still stand straight and move on, or you hide behind the curtains hoping to never face the day again? This is where emotional resilience plays an important role. If you possess emotional resilience, you can handle stress with a calm mind and move on. You will be able to handle the toughest days with a smile on your face and with no regrets. This is what emotional resilience does for you. It doesn’t let you break when the storm comes, instead, it helps you in being flexible in dealing with hard times.

What is Emotional Resilience?

Emotional resilience is when you find yourself calm and relaxed in the middle of negative experiences. It is like an inner force that keeps you motivated for resolving any issues that might come across and it helps you hold yourself intact through the downsides of life. Emotional resilience is a trait and it is there in you since birth and it keeps on growing and nourishing throughout life.

Though emotional resilience is an innate trait it differs from person to person. It is up to a person how much he/she understands the need of this trait and nourishes it so that it helps in the hard times. Emotional resilience is not about winning the argument or battles that you have, it is the strength that keeps you moving even if you lose. The world is changing too fast and everyone is feeling tied down to times right now, but emotional resilience can help you deal with that stress and induce the self-belief that you need to realize that you can do anything.

What does Emotional Resilience include?

Resilience is not a quality that you have or not, it is the intensity that matters. Everyone has different degrees of resilience to handle stress and tough situations. However, there are some specific characteristics that an emotionally resilient person possesses, such as:

  • These people are more emotionally aware than others. They know what they are feeling and what could the reasons behind that. Through their emotional awareness, they can comprehend every situation and find out the solution without falling into the trap of fear or anger.

  • They believe in an internal locus of control which means they know that their internal self controls them not the outer environment. They know that if anything bad comes up, only they can help themselves and so they don’t expect others to help them.

  • People who have strong emotional resilience will be seen laughing at their difficulties. They know how to pass bad times, laugh at them, and let it go. They don’t find it difficult to move on, and they don’t hold on to past events.

  • Since they are strong individuals with a sense of self-control, they know how much social support matters and they are never reluctant to be a part of it. They will help you before you ask and they will be there for you in your bad times.

  • They are optimists; they tend to stay positive in most situations and they don’t lose their control once things start getting bad. They stay positive and think about the solution.

  • They know their mistakes. They are not the ones to think that they are perfect and the rest of the world is wrong. Wherever they make mistake, they know what they have done and they amend it.

  • They are connected to their spiritual side and that gives them the strength that is required to keep them going on.

Building Emotional Resilience

Do you see the above traits in you? If not, then not worry. We all can be emotionally resilient, we just need to focus on a thing or two, and take baby steps. You will not even realize how soon you will see a change in yourself. So, here are some of the most effective and easy tips to get yourself acquainted with emotional resilience.

Getting Inspiration

If you want to develop emotional resilience in yourself, you need to get motivated first. What other thing can get you motivated than being inspired by the ones who have emotional resilience? You see how they manage their issues while you are getting panic attacks at small things, you learn from them, you seek inspiration in them, and that’s when you are ready to be like them, maybe better.


You don’t have to live in fantasy to be optimistic. Just don’t think negatively. Yes, the situation in front of you is really bad and you don’t feel like getting out of it soon, but if you make yourself believe that there is nothing you can do, it means you have lost the will to do anything. You have to think the other way. Think about how you can resolve the situation and sleep peacefully at night. Think about the ways of getting out of the situation.


Sometimes, you just hear something which hasn’t happened yet, and you get all warmed up for a fight, what is that? Have you ever stopped for a second and thought about how and why are you feeling anger? Does it suit the situation? If you could just understand yourself and get to know your feelings at the moment, you can control them and be smooth with the scenario.


Yes, meditation helps you in managing stress. If you do it for only a few minutes every day, you will see how much it helps you in being calm and relaxed even when you are stressed out. Try it for once and you will see the change.

Social Support

Don’t be afraid of asking for help. Emotionally resilient people take care of themselves, but they are not reluctant to ask for help if required. So, if you see a person who can help you with your situation, ask them to help you and never feel shy.

Being emotionally resilient is a very important trait that you can enhance by practicing these tips. You can start by one and you will see marvelous changes in yourself.

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