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Is online therapy for you?

Online therapy has been a steady growing addition to the toolbox of counsellors for many years, with the recent changes in how we go about daily life and importantly how we reflect on our lives, there has been a massive surge for people wishing to access counselling services online. In a nutshell, online therapy service is where you join your therapist either by video link or phone call and receive the same support and coaching that you would sitting across the room to them.

Online therapy provides you with the ability to engage in the session in the comfort of their own home or office at a time convenient to you. Remote access also may reduce the feelings of stigma or anxiety that many people experience the first time they enter into a therapists office.

Telehealthcare can reduce the cost of the therapist, many professionals need to factor in rental costs for their clinic into their rates, which can be steep if they are based in city areas. Being able to cut this cost means savings are then passed down to the client, making online therapy accessible to many more people who may not have been able to previously afford regular face to face sessions. Online therapy can be intimate and is often disinhibiting for clients (so long as they are in a safe, private space during the session). In addition, research has shown it is effective.

Please make sure that you ask therapist how much experience they have working with clients in an online environment. Due to the pandemic this year, many therapists and counsellors have begun seeing their clients online, which little or now experience or preparation to work this way.

Although widely recommended, it should be said that online therapy isn’t for everyone. Some people may not find they are able connect through online therapy like they can face to face. There will also be times where the therapist will recommend face to face sessions rather than online therapy options, especially if they are supporting a serious or enduring mental health issue or trauma.

If you’re interested in finding out more about online therapy or would like to book an initial appointment please contact me here. Please note that I am based in London, UK and adhere to the standards and guidelines set out by the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists. I do work with clients in other countries, however if you are not located in the UK, it is your responsibility to understand any limits imposed by your country or state about working with a therapist online who is not living in your country.

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